Fasthorse becomes the dark horse of the metaverse game world

Metaverse is the hottest topic in 2021, and FastHorse has become the dark horse in the metaverse game world. A few days before FastHorse launch, in FastHorse twitter (@ fasthorsegame) and telegram( )A large number of users have begun to wait for the game launch.

FastHorse is a GameFi+NFTfi blockchain game based on Binance Smart Chain(BSC).Players can play FastHorse on the computer or mobile phone.

Global players can buy horses (NFT assets) in FastHorse, and obtain the game governance token HOS and universal token GRS of FastHorse through a series of game experiences such as fighting, upgrading, feeding, integration and release in the game. Therefore ,FastHorse is a play to earn game.

In the game, player can get a lot of HOS/GRS tokens, which can be used to buy new horses and equipments, or transferred out for trading in the exchange., and can also trade freely in DEX and CEX to realize game revenue.
In the game, there are mainly horse competition system (PVE), horse feeding and reproduction system, horse fusion system, horse release system, catch horse system, as well as exchange system and family system. Under the interaction of multiple game function dimensions, FastHorse has a high degree of playability.

The construction of fasthorse's family system allows us to better support the game guild.By supporting the game guild and game community, FastHorse will gradually develop into a decentralized organization owned by the community. In this process, HOS / GRS will be distributed between players and pledgers. With the passage of time, the ownership of the game operator will become more and more decentralized, and finally realize the autonomy of the game community.

FastHorse will realize a completely decentralized ecosystem, fully link the smart contract with FastHorse game, and all output data and game income will be available on the blockchain. Users do not need to worry about the loss of their game assets in FastHorse.

During the game test time, some whitelist players have obtained early investment income from the game, and the game will be launched in the third week of September.
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