Rich businessmen in Silicon Valley searched through the garbage mountain to find the private key, but Quantum Decryptant can easily find the private key

As we all know, we must use a unique private key to unlock bitcoin in the wallet; In the eyes of ordinary people, private keys should not be stored in networked computers or other devices to avoid irreparable losses caused by hacker attacks. Therefore, most people choose to store the private key in an isolated network environment such as USB flash disk or hard disk.
Everyone tends to overestimate their memory, so nearly one-fifth of bitcoin in the bitcoin network is lost. In the seventh episode of the fifth season of the American drama Silicon Valley, there is such an interesting scene that a very impatient rich silicon valley businessman tries to dig out a lost USB flash disk on the boundless garbage mountain.

The whole story is like this: a silicon valley tycoon stored the bitcoin obtained through ICO in the digital wallet and lost the private key in order to prevent hacker attacks. He chose to put the private key on the USB flash disk and put the USB flash disk into the pocket of the broken jeans. Unfortunately, the nanny threw away the "broken" jeans.
The bitcoin of the rich silicon valley businessman disappeared into the encrypted world. Of course, this is only a scene in a TV play, not a real event. However, in real life, there are countless incidents of losing bitcoin due to forgetting the private key or losing the hardware storing the private key; The most regrettable thing is the following big brother programmer.
In 2013, a British programmer mistakenly threw away the hard disk with private key as garbage. How many bitcoins were lost? A shocking number, 7500! Although he remembered exactly where he had left his hard drive, the city authorities in his city refused his request to try to retrieve the bitcoins because it was against the law. The local government said, "modern landfill is a complex engineering project. Excavating something will bring various environmental problems, such as dangerous gas, and may cause fire. This is a huge, expensive and risky project."

How to retrieve the lost bitcoin? Quantum Decryptant can help you
As mentioned above, the loss of bitcoin is very common in life. Is it possible to reverse launch the private key through the public key after we lose the private key? If so, the above two don't have to go to the garbage dump to find the private key.
Quantum Decryptant is a tool that has the possibility to reverse launch private key through public key; This tool has very powerful computing power. The main principle is to calculate the private key corresponding to the specified public key through enumeration.
The main working principle is: first determine the number of candidate answers, and the range of candidate answers must have a certain set before solving; Quantum Decryptant's process of cracking the private key does not take advantage of the vulnerabilities or weaknesses of the bitcoin algorithm itself, but calculates the private key through enumeration.

Twitter user tank learned from the bit classic community that there is a software called Quantum Decryptant, which has a chance to help people find their forgotten private key. He is very interested because he obtained 127 bitcoins by completing surveys and watching videos from 2011 to 2012; Later, in the process of moving, he lost the note recording the private key, so that he could no longer use the bitcoin in his wallet.
Tank said: I think I am very lucky. I got a lot of bitcoin by completing some simple tasks in the early stage. In fact, I began to try to retrieve my private key in 2018, but I never succeeded; Recently, the price of bitcoin has risen to $50000. I'm really lucky to be able to retrieve my bitcoin private key through Quantum Decryptant!

Tank has recovered the lost private key through Quantum Decryptant. If you once had a lot of bitcoins, but you forget the private key and can't find it, you might as well try Quantum Decryptant, which may bring you unexpected gains.
Of course, the probability of losing bitcoin may be getting smaller and smaller now - after all, bitcoin is becoming more and more expensive. As the value of bitcoin increases, a string of lost keys, like a sharp blade, will open one bloody wound after another in the heart of the owner - how deep and how many wounds may depend on the value.
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