Neuroscience leader launches subscription platform to measure what captivates humans’ brains, using only a smartwatch

United States, Colorado, Boulder - 05-18-2021 (PR Distribution™) -

After 20 years of research, Colorado startup, Immersion, launches neurotech platform to measure how audience's brains connect with experiences, content and more

Boulder, CO (May 19, 2021) - Immersion Neuroscience is excited to announce the launch of their SaaS platform that measures people’s unconscious neurological connection to a piece of content or experience as it is happening. Using the smartwatch they already own.

Immersion puts the power of a neuroscience lab in subscribers’ hands by allowing them to measure their audience’s brains using only a smartwatch. Users receive second-by-second results about what captivates the minds of their audience in real time. ????

When making decisions about a product, a business, a meeting, or any type of experience, most people have to rely on guesses, haphazardly gathered opinions, or surveys. Most of these methods are littered with biases that make them inaccurate. As Forbes Magazine states, “the tragedy is that most customer surveys are inherently inaccurate, unreliable, or misleading.*” Surveys are wrong 7 out of 10 times (they only offer a 30% accuracy rating.) That is a lot of incorrect data to be the foundation of any major decision. Or even smaller decisions for that matter. 

Immersion predicts the market impact of entertainment, training, advertising, live events, meetings and more with over 80% accuracy. As BBDO’s Andy Wilson commented, “The Immersion data was better at predicting in-market performance of content than any self-reported measures.”

Immersion measures what matters: how much the brain values an experience. Immersive experiences drive people to take actions, motivate social sharing, and have greater recall and impact. With this information you can make better content, better experiences, and better meetings. When you understand exactly what captivates your audience, you can connect on a deeper level, no PhD needed. 

Immersion’s objective is to make neuroscience accessible to anyone so that we can all create better products, events, content, and experiences. When we connect to the human brain in a better way, we deepen the overall human connection. 

Ahead of the product launch, co-founder Paul Zak said:

“Neuroscience has the ability to deepen our understanding of  human connection, human happiness, and effective teamwork. But if neuroscience is stuck in a lab filled with gadgets, monitors, and PhDs, its impact is limited. As we discovered more about the brain state of Immersion, it became imperative to the team to move this beyond a scientific lab and into the hands of real people who can put it to use to make the world a better place, to solve real problems faced by real humans.” 

CEO Scott Brown added:

“People lie. Brains don’t. It might seem harsh or even pessimistic, but the reality is that the majority of tv shows are canceled after one season, most songs are only listened to by the band and their mom, and many company events fail to connect to the audience. When making decisions that have so much impact, and when it costs so much to be wrong, we should not have to rely on data that is so often incorrect.” 

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Notes to Editor:

About the Research

Dr. Paul Zak and his team have spent 20 years studying brain chemicals to identify a unique state of attention, concentration and attraction that they named Immersion. After years of testing with blood draws and brain scans - they discovered how to measure this brain state using only a smart watch. The system measures activity in the nerves that control the heart, and this activity is correlated with signals from the brain, which allows us to quantify the neurologic responses to any kind of experience and capture it with fitness sensors and smartwatches. This mind blowing science has been validated by numerous third parties, is some of the most referenced research in the world, and has been cited over 17,000 times by other scientists in their own work. It sounds like magic, but it is not. It’s neuroscience.  Nerdy, rigorous, wonderfully glorious science


With Immersion’s goal of democratizing neuroscience, yearly subscriptions of the new platform come at three levels, starting at just $199 per month. A subscription allows you to measure unlimited experiences each month, including pre-recorded content and live events. Measurements are easy to set up, take only a few minutes to get started, and allow you to immediately log in and watch second-by-second results as they happen. Enterprise subscriptions are available for custom pricing.


Privacy and anonymity of participants is guaranteed through numerous mechanisms within the platform so you can feel comfortable recruiting an audience to participate. The platform is completely self-serve and easy to use, but technical support and guidance is included with each subscription. 

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