Microsoft created a portable data center the size of a shipping container connected by SpaceX satellites that can be placed anywhere — take a look (MSFT)


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Microsoft Azure just announced a new design for modular, portable data centers. Azure is the company's cloud computing service, used by big names including Boeing, eBay, and Samsung.

The Azure Modular Datacenter (MDC) is designed to work just about anywhere, including nontraditional areas where cloud computing previously wouldn't have been possible. Data centers are the "backbone of the Internet," where data and photos from the cloud are physically stored.

This announcement was combined with information about a partnership with SpaceX to expand satellite broadband and support connections in more places where connections are unsecured or unavailable. Microsoft gives the example of data centers on a military mission, or providing humanitarian assistance after a natural disaster.

Here's a lok at some of the images Microsoft has released so far. 

The data centers look like shipping containers, with Microsoft's logo on them.Microsoft

They are transported on the road by trailer. This one is already in use in Redmond, Washington on the Microsoft Campus. Others are in the early stages with defense contractors and some private sector companies.Microsoft

Microsoft renderings show some potential use cases for the data centers.Microsoft

In this case, the portable unit would be a field Datacenter during humanitarian relief missions.Microsoft

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The data centers will be important in places where networks are frequently disrupted, or not available at all. When the network connection isn't possible, they will connect to backup satellite connections.Microsoft

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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