Creating a Plan to Restructure Your Financial Life

The pandemic swept onto the scene this year like a global tidal wave. All of our cherished ways of being, all of our daily routines were turned upside down and we found ourselves in a new and unfamiliar world. Millions lost their jobs and others found their commutes eliminated as they were confined to working at home. Economic uncertainty became the norm as entire cities locked down in an effort to keep the populace safe. As these immense changes rolled across the planet, the illusions of society came crumbling down. Work hard and you’ll get ahead became no matter how hard you work you can easily lose your job. Pay taxes and the government will help take care of you yielded to a reality of a horribly mismanaged health crisis and even unemployment took forever to be paid. The average citizen learned that the only people who got bailouts were the big corporations. Clearly, it’s time for bold steps and a new way of living.

Refinance Your Existing Loans to Save Money

In times like these it’s very important to lower your monthly expenses. Refinancing your auto loan can save you money and may even bring you much needed cash. Fortunately, with the economic downturn interest rates are at near historic lows. If you have an existing loan on one of your vehicles you can leverage the lower rates and refinance to lower your monthly auto loan payment. Another option is to pull equity out of your vehicle when you refinance your loan. If you have paid down most of your previous car loan you can borrow against the car’s value and pull out cash when you refinance. It takes less than 20 seconds to submit your application online and it will not have an impact on your credit score. You’ll be able to get approved in seconds and start saving right away.

Buy Your Own Property

If you want to be able to chart your own path in life and improve your family’s chance to live a good life, you need to dramatically reduce your monthly cost of living. Now that employees can work remotely there is no reason to live in a crowded city and pay astronomical housing costs. In fact, with the health crisis, it’s far smarter to move to rural land and get away from the places where the virus is rampant. Luckily, you can often purchase rural property on a land contract. With this method of financing you’ll only need to put around 10 percent down and then you’ll make affordable payments over time. As an example, you could purchase nearly 28 beautiful acres in Arizona for $3,200 down and monthly payments of $320. You’ll want to find land that has a water source and has very flexible zoning so you can live there in an RV or alternative dwelling.

Live in an Alternative Home

Once you have purchased your land it’s time to pick out your new home. When you buy land with flexible zoning that allows you the choose the best alternative dwelling. Geodesic domes can be assembled on site and offer you great square footage for under $10,000. You can also look at Mongolian Gers that cost only $7,000. A ger is a round yurt that is well insulated and perfect for winter time. If you live in a city now, you may pay around $18,000 per year for rent alone. By moving to the country and putting up an alternative home you will save an incredible amount of money. If you buy both a geodesic dome and a Ger your total investment will be $17,000. That’s less than you would spend on one year for rent. Over 10 years you’ll save $162,000 which can pay for your land and add about $135,000 to your bank account.

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