5 Factors To Consider When Renting A Car In Crete

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Crete is a famous island in Greece visited by tons of tourists because of its beautiful beaches. As if magic, this place will take you back to Ancient Greece, which is one of the few reasons why a lot of people dream of visiting the island. However, to fully enjoy all the things you can do in Crete, you should definitely consider renting a car.

Having a car that you can use in Crete will give you flexibility and freedom to travel. There’s nothing to worry about since car rentals in Crete are very accessible. Rental Center Crete, for example, is one of the many choices you have when renting a car in Crete.

Although renting a car is easy, for the best experience, there are certain factors that you need to consider. These factors will ultimately determine your car renting experience in Crete.

Always Check the Car’s Condition

In choosing a car to rent, make sure to put it on a test first. Don’t get too excited and randomly pick a car that looks okay. Remember, you are only renting it, making you responsible for any possible damages it takes while you are using it. Check if it has a spare tire that you can use in case of unexpected events.

Also, be observant of any existing bumps, scratches, and other damages. Since you are not the first person to use the car, it might already have scratches or cracks on it. Make sure that it is listed in your agreement that those damages had been there prior to your use. In Crete, the list of damages is separate from the agreement. Therefore, if you don’t see it stated in the agreement, make sure to ask for it.

The Fuel or Gas

When renting a car in Crete, the rented vehicle will usually be delivered to you. During this time, make sure that you check the fuel/gas, which should be stated in the agreement. It can be tiring to read contracts. However, if you don’t want to pay for damages or any other charges, read the contract thoroughly.

Ask the agency if they have a specific policy regarding the fuel quantity inside the tank. Once you return the car, it is your responsibility to gas in the tank with the same amount of fuel/gas as when you received it.

Know The Coverage Of The Car’s Insurance

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Renting a car, especially in Crete, is a huge responsibility. Therefore, you have to think about all the possible things that may happen while it is in your hand. In Crete, most of the rental cars are enrolled with insurance. However, you must not be complacent with the agency representative’s words.

Check the coverage of the insurance and understand how it works. In case of theft, damages, and accidents, the only thing that can save you from paying a lot of money is the insurance. Most car insurances cover theft, fire, and damages under the waiver, and signed by you and the car rental agency. Avoid renting a car that’s not enrolled in any car insurance.

Read And Understand the Agreement

In any transaction you make, especially when renting a car, you should always consider reading and understanding every word in the contract. Contracts can be confusing to read, so don’t be afraid to ask questions for things that you don’t understand.

Remember the do’s and dont’s of the agency while you are using a rental car. It is also important that you ask their cancellation policy before making any reservations. Anything might happen before you rent the vehicle. Make sure you understand their policy, especially on refunds, payments, and reimbursements.

Know the Car Rental Agency’s Requirements

Most rental cars are arranged through reservations, so plan ahead of time to prepare for the requirements the car rental agency might ask from you. Do not make a reservation a day before you need the car. In Crete, they have certain qualifications that need to be met before they can let you rent their vehicles.

For example, you have to be at least 21-years-old and not a day over 70-years-old to rent a vehicle from any agency. Though exceptions can be made, such as if you have a child with you. However, there are still terms and conditions that will be applied.

According to Explore Crete, a reputable travel guide agency, there are certain license requirements that you have to show them before you can rent a vehicle. For example, your driver’s license must be active for at least one year. If you are not a citizen of Crete or Greece in general, you must have an international driver’s license or at least a European Driver’s Permit.


So there you have it! Before renting a car in Crete, you must consider these factors. Choosing a car to use on your trip is crucial since it will make reaching your travel goals more convenient. Your safety also relies on it, so always remember the responsibility you have when renting a car.  If you want, you can also create a list that you can use as a guide when making reservations. That way, you won’t miss any important details during the negotiation.

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