The Benefits of Mother and Daughter Yoga Bonding

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Spending some quality time with your daughter is essential. It helps develop a strong bond between you and your child, which is crucial to her development. However, living in a busy world limits the time we spend with our kids. Hence, you need to be more creative when it comes to thinking of a way to bond with her.

There are many ways you can bond with your daughter. You can take her to go window shopping or spend the afternoon together at your favorite salon. You can also bake, paint, and eat out together. The possibilities are endless.

To some, however, yoga is an ideal bonding session.

The Benefits of Doing Yoga Together

Yoga has a lot of benefits. It helps you stay fit, calm, and can lessen stress. It enables you to focus and cleanse your mind with negativity. But as a mother and daughter, you can benefit from it not only individually but also as a pair.

Builds Trust and a Support System

Yoga can be an excellent way to show your support to each other, especially if you try new things that are out of your comfort zone. As a mother, it is the best time to show your daughter that she can trust you and that you got her back.

Many yoga sessions are out of the ordinary, which can help you conquer your fears. If you are afraid of the ocean, you can do your yoga sessions by the seashore, with the crystal clear water rushing through your feet.

If you’re afraid of heights, you can try aerial yoga and show your child how you overcome your fear with her support. It will teach her that it is okay to be afraid, but it’s important to face it head-on, especially with someone that you trust supporting you all the way.

There are many instructors out there willing to offer yoga sessions for mothers and daughters. Adam Kemp, among others, can help you find the best yoga session that you and your daughter will surely love.

Common Interest

Having a common interest with your daughter is the best way to encourage her to open up to you. Yoga can be that interest both of you can enjoy. It will help you both emotionally attach while staying physically healthy.

Best for Teenage Daughters

Raising a teenager is a very challenging task for a parent. It’s the transitional phase that your child has to go through, giving her new experiences and confusing emotions. Their urge to refute with you will be very strong. Introducing yoga to your teenager might help her well-being and improve your relationship at the same time.

Yoga is a practice of meditation that can calm your mind so you can think straight. A teenager who has a lot going on in their head will benefit from these yoga sessions, allowing them to be calm and helps them think rationally.

Teenagers who do yoga also show less stress and increased school performance, which can help boost their self-esteem. Doing yoga together will give you more time to bond and less time to argue. Over time, this will help her open up to you more as the support and trust forms.

Exposing Your True Self

Yoga classes expose our true selves, which releases our physical body and opens ourselves to other people. It is an excellent opportunity for you and your daughter to open up mentally and emotionally.

Seeing through your child will help you understand her emotions and what she’s going through as she experiences new things. You can also show her the deep feelings you hold for her so she can better understand your point of view.

Distractions and responsibilities often stand in the way of better communication among parents and children. However, having this alone time together will break the barrier that busy life builds between families.

Teaching Discipline and Other Good Values

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Yoga can teach your kids discipline. The session itself needs a lot of self-discipline to complete. It’s better to introduce yoga to young children to help them learn discipline at an early age and will be accustomed to this set-up as they grow up.

For teenagers, discipline is a big issue that parents struggle with. But with the help of yoga, it can become a part of their everyday life and can benefit both of you in the long term.

Aside from discipline, children can learn many ethical values through yoga. It inspires them to take care of themselves and respect all the things around them, including you.

All the Positivity

We know that yoga attracts positivity in our life, while at the same time, lets go of toxic emotions and aura. It cleans and detoxifies us mentally, emotionally, and physically. Instead of wasting your time on a silly fight with your teenager, try doing yoga together instead. You will find it fulfilling and relieving.

By inviting all the positive energy through yoga, you and your child can teach yourselves how to deal with each other. You will be amazed by the change yoga can do to your child. Her mindset will change, and it can create a connection between the two of you to stand whatever hardships you may face.


Yoga will not only strengthen you and your daughter’s bond, but it will also help build other factors that can improve your relationship. If you can, try inviting the whole family to join in. That way, you can all spend some fun and fulfilling quality time together.

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