Introduction of ELIP Bolt multifunction electric treadmill

ELIP Bolt multifunction electric treadmill is a family treadmill, designed with sturdy and youthful lines with 3 main colors: White – Black – Red eye-catching. This is also a product with strong performance, owning a DC motor with a capacity of 4.0HP, helping a running speed of 0.1-18km / h. A special feature of the product engine is that even in the state of full capacity operation, it still runs smoothly, without causing noise thanks to the advanced suspension system. Visit the website  for more information.

Treadmill advantages

Cherish the running step

ELIP Bolt fitness machine is designed with steel, plastic to make the body sturdy, the 520mm × 1360mm (DXR) wide running mat for a wide track combined with safety shock absorber to make the run light. Gentle while avoiding foot injuries while protecting carpet and machine.

Super wide screen

Is the treadmill versatile elliptical Bolt is advantages of the product. With the ultra-wide touch screen to help customers easily track heart rate, distance, time, calories consumed, …

In addition, the device is equipped with ergonomic buttons to adjust the device, making it easy for all family members including the elderly and children to use. The product is integrated with smart features that currently on the market very few products have such as:

  • Wireless connectivity with phone
  • HiFi speakers for music and entertainment at home
  • Heart rate sensor monitors health status

Powerful engine

ELIP Bolt multi-function electric treadmill is the product chosen by many families not only because of its beautiful design, outstanding features that it brings. ELIP Bolt multifunctional electric treadmill also attracts customers in the engine part. With a powerful 4.0HP engine, it can last for up to 20 years. This is a few lines of treadmill can do.

Variety of exercises

As a versatile running machine, ELIP Bolt products are fully equipped with dumbbells, crunch bars, relaxing massage belts, and melt excess fat.

Outstanding intelligence

Jogging will be much more efficient than ELIP Bolt multi-function treadmill automatic ramping. Running at a great slope is one of the most effective ways to promote good fitness. At the same time this is also an effective way to burn excess calories. ELIP Bolt Multi-function Electric Treadmill supports automatic oil filling, this feature works to make the machine run smoother, protecting the engine and running mat. The machine can be easily folded, saving space for your home.  See the treadmill products at: May chay bo

Benefits of using a treadmill

Improve health

Scientific research published in the British medical journal shows that running will improve health, increase metabolism in the body, reduce mortality, avoid risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, …..

Weight control

Combining diet and exercise with a treadmill is an effective solution to help control weight gain and lose weight at will.

Reduce stress

Every day you just need to spend a few minutes exercising with the treadmill to help relieve stress, improve health and improve physique.

Family bonding

ELIP Bolt Multi-Purpose Electric Treadmill is a special machine suitable for the whole family with many functions such as: jogging in combination with weightlifting exercises, crunching, relaxation massage, vibrating belt. excess fat in the abdomen, thighs, … makes the whole family healthy – beautiful.

Buy electric treadmill 0% installment

There is nothing more precious than health, understanding its importance, Elipsport Sports Group wants to bring sports products, health care to every home through installment purchase channel. Buying 0% interest installment payment is a smart choice for those who are not too financially abundant. This helps you own the product without spending large sums of money.


ELIP Bolt multi-function electric treadmill is manufactured at ELIPSPORT (TQ) factory, designed and product quality inspection by Vietnamese engineers.

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