The Trouble That Being Uninsured Can Cause You

Data released by the U.S. Census Bureau in September 2019 showed that 8.5 percent of peoples had no health protection in 2018.

The abovementioned statistic refers only to the lack of medical coverage. However, insurance offers cover for other risks that affect your life, home, vehicle, and loss of income. Not securing yourself from those dangers can cause you significant problems.

Since protection is essential, why are some of us still not insured?

It might be due to a lack of understanding of the problems we might face in the event of a mishap if we don’t safeguard our interests. It could also be that we don’t expect bad things to happen to us.

High premium costs could be another factor that deters people from owning a policy. Whatever the reason, if you fall into the uninsured category, here are some points you should consider.

How Insurance Works

In a nutshell, if something unexpected happens to you, your home, or vehicle, you’re likely to incur damages and, subsequently, financial losses.

When you buy a policy, your insurer promises to compensate you for an agreed sum should a predetermined event occur. In return, you pay a premium, which is usually a small percentage of that amount.

Without coverage, you’ll shoulder the full monetary burden arising from the mishap.

Non-Compliance With the Law

Some countries legislate certain types of protection. For instance, states that “liability coverage is mandatory in every Canadian province.”

The legislation is on your side because the risks of driving an automobile are many. You could damage your vehicle in an accident or be responsible for it. Your policy will compensate the other driver for their loss and pay your legal fees in the latter case.

Not Getting the Best Medical Treatment

It’s almost impossible these days to get treated for major illnesses without insurance. Healthcare costs have skyrocketed.

Saving on premiums can deprive you of therapy or surgery that could save your life. You might put off check-ups that can lead to more serious issues and higher costs down the road.

Advances in medicine have reduced the mortality rate because of early detection and treatment. Having a proper and adequate cover will enable you to take better care of your wellbeing.

Sherry Glied, PhD, Associate Professor of Public Health, Columbia University, said that those who have no health insurance could lose their savings because of health issues.

Unable to Support Your Loved Ones

One of life’s most unpredictable events is the timing of demise. Your demise can derail even the best goals you have for your family. Your clock might run out before your plans come to fruition.

If you own life insurance, when you die, your insurer steps in with the money you’ve allocated, to ensure that the people you love can continue to maintain the lifestyle you wish for them. Having an adequate cover will replace your income for as many years as you’ve decided.

The same results apply if you’re permanently disabled and can’t provide for your dependents. It’s a double whammy in the case of disability because you’ll also need funds to support your special nursing needs and other expenses.

Should You Get Insured?

Having seen the many problems that unwanted events can cause you if you don’t have insurance, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

No coverage is perfect, but it can mitigate the damages and losses you’ll incur when fate deals you a bad hand. The benefits and peace of mind far outweigh the risk.

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