How to Make My Kinky Hair Curly

Frizzy hair? We know it feels terrible, but now it’s time to stop worrying as we are here to make it all go easy for you. You must be aware that there are different kinds of textures of hair. If you have frizzy or say kinky hair and you often feel jealous about those with manageable and naturally blessed hair. After all, who doesn’t love to carry and enjoy the great feeling of having enriched and healthy hair? All of us. We know it doesn’t feel good to wake up and sleep with frizzy hair every day, but as long as we are here to shower informative pieces and mind-boggling tips for your hair, you should stop wasting your precious minutes on this matter anymore. Tying your bun up and high gets really boring gradually. So here is the GO-TO guide for all our readers with not so happy hair types.

Roll your eyeballs over a few techniques to get the desired result

How would you know whether you got the kind of curl you were looking for? Know how to get the most awaited hair type with few observations.

  1.     Healthy curls and a good bounce. once.. twice.. and.. again!!
  2.     Your hair is less frizzy, like never before
  3.     It clumps together and forms  a single perfect curl
  4.     It is healthy and retains a natural curl pattern, easy to feel.
  5.     A good curl with individual strands, separating from each other from the roots
  6.     No frizz in any single strands

Straw setting your hair

It is a known fact that straw sets are the best way to make it last longer and enjoy seeing it getting better with time. It is a comparatively cheaper option and suits any hair length, the perk of using these techniques, and it doesn’t damage your hair naturally. Happy? All you need is shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, Bobby pins, Straws, setting lotion, wide-tooth comb. Understand that it works better on wet and conditioned hair. Split your hair into sections and curl the way you want, use bobby pins to pin it up. Avoid making tighter spirals, let the hair dry inside a dryer. You can remove the straws once the curls are formed. Spray some hair sheen or simply apply oil. You can buy here. You are good to go!

Curling hair using Bantu knot outs

If you are looking for the most luxe curls for your kinky hair, go for this method, Bantu knot outs method. It suits all types of hair lengths. However, if at all you have short hair, create a partition of a smaller section. You don’t require heat to own this style. Make sure you have a shampoo, conditioner, setting lotion, pins, and rattail comb. What say?

Using Finger Coils

For your 3B-4C hair, this stands as the easy method of achieving well-defined curls. Finger coiling is one of the basic methods to give your curls the desired style and health and enhance the hair texture. Though it is a little time consuming but would create no harm in styling it naturally. Patience would result in good results you always wished to see. Grab a curl cream (preferably a hydrating one) And yes, your fingers! Kinky curly curling custard UK would be the right choice if you ever think of this method. Have a good time styling your hair using this amazing gel.

Shingling method  

Here you may require using a leave-in conditioner, gather curling cream or gel to separate and define every single strand of curl. This method gives good results and comes with maximum chances of curling, well defined. Less of a mess, fewer chances of curls getting frizz. Your elongated curls will start bouncing out of happiness. You don’t need to worry about the time; it will last up to seven days. Take Curling cream or gel, Diffuser, Detangling brush, wide-toothed brush, spray water bottle (to keep it wet at the time of detangling), and Afro pick.

Braid and Curl method

This will prove to be the best way to increase the volume of your hair. It will definitely take lots of time to come to the desired results but would surely give you satisfaction in styling. You would be glad seeing those luscious curls and shiny ends of your hair. It will come out as nicely defined and less frizzy. Pick your right tools, patience (wink), perm rods, moisturizing oil, leave-in conditioner, detangling brush, wide-toothed comb. You are good to go!

Kinky curly curling custard UK

Do you also want moisturized, shiny, and brilliant hair with well-defined curls? Kinky curly curling custard is an All in all kind of product which will easily simplify all your complicated thoughts and styling process. It will reduce bulk, successfully elongates, and defines your curls. Apply it evenly, forming sections on your wet hair. Cover it all from roots to ends nicely. Spray water when required while applying the custard in all those sections. Decide on the amount of product as required. Let it dry. Gently and scrunch out the crunch at the later stage.

Scream out to your frizzy hair,  Say No More AND BOUNCE!!

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