Skills That You Need To Check While Hiring An Angular Developer

Hello IT community! Is there news in hiring Angular specialists? Angular developer is a person who skillfully combines the ability to write effective code and create a convenient, intuitive design. This profession also adds the functions that face such a specialist: development of new sites, support/improvement/debugging of existing projects, layout of emails, landings. This is a fairly advanced area where the developer must work with JavaScript and the logic of his own page using different frameworks like Angular or create an online store page that uses a different number of libraries, optimize it, machine tools, build a project and more. Tasks are different: from creating a page to optimizing it. In addition, the work should look good not only for the eyes of the user, but also for those who will still work with the code, so a properly constructed project structure, readable code is also the main key in this direction. It is always the solution of interesting and complex tasks, the search for new ideas and solutions related to the development of the user interface. The tasks can be varied, it all depends on the wishes of customers. Today, it is difficult to imagine a successful developer without a set of basic skills. Whose? I will tell you about it now in the article ‘Skills that You Need to Check While Hiring an Angular Developer’. Let’s start from the beginning!

The popularity and convenience of the World Wide Web has provoked a driving force for the development of Web-Technologies. New development tools, programming languages, frameworks are being created that allow you to develop amazing things that can be used through a browser window. All leading software developers are trying to develop Web versions of their products for business, communication and entertainment society. As the Internet has evolved, business companies have become more meticulous about how they are presented to society. This required paying more attention to the client side of the web application. It took a lot of time to write cascading style sheets and client-side JavaScript to make the site more interesting and complex. The development of web technologies has been greatly influenced by the emergence of various frameworks and libraries. This accompanies the trend of transferring the logic of the application from the server part to the client. You can think of this as programming an application in a client. Angular has become the most popular among frameworks that use this approach. One of the reasons for the popularity of this approach is to reduce the load on the server side, by transferring the logic to the client. The cost of server software is reduced, as computational work is transferred to the client browser. These factors have contributed to a huge breakthrough in the development and popularity of client technologies, an integral tool of which is JavaScript. Angular – JavaScript framework for front-end developers from Google. Basically, Angular is designed to create complex enterprise applications, namely single-page web applications. SPA or one-page application implements user-friendly services filled with interactivity. The simplest example is Gmail. This page loads all the necessary resources (JavaScript, CSS, images, etc.) once and does not reload again. Link transitions do not lead to a real reload of the page, and its content changes “on the fly”, ie dynamically. If necessary, a request is made to the server to obtain data, and after receiving them, the content of the “new” page is formed. Each individual virtual page is registered in a router. First of all, it is worth noting that Angular applications are written in TypeScript and not in pure JavaScript. The syntax version for JavaScript is not widespread, so at the moment all the syntax constructs in the documentation are described using the TypeScript syntax. Within the framework implemented: modularity, animations, routing, work with backend; data storage / processing / display, work with forms and templates, etc.

Let’s move on to the skills that you need to check while hiring the Angular Developer

  1. JavaScript: This means that he should not only know about its existence and understand the principles of the JavaScript library. In addition, developers will need knowledge of the principles of operation of data structures such as objects and arrays, functions, work through prototypes and deal with asynchrony.
  2. Deep knowledge of Angular Framework: It goes without saying that your Angular developer must know Angular perfectly. Since the framework is regularly updated and new versions are released, it is important to keep your knowledge and skills up to date.
  3. Git file management system: The developer must have a profile on GitHub. Seriously. If he still doesn’t have it, he may lose the opportunity to be part of a huge community formed around frontend development technologies.
  4. Developer tools installed in the browser: Recently, not only the developers who work directly on the project but also their tools have improved. Therefore, for convenience, choose a browser with the tools that will be most comfortable for you to work with. So far, Google Chrome has the greatest functionality, but it is also not worth the capabilities of other browsers. Such tools should be used by a good developer to perform the task effectively.
  5. CSS preprocessors: It should be noted that often frontend developers write code that is very different from that which is eventually found in the finished assembly, and a clear example of this is the code written using CSS preprocessors. Pure CSS may have a right to life, but using CSS preprocessor gives us features that should have been added to CSS a long time ago. And until that happens, it is unwise to neglect such significant help.
  6. Testing: Modular freely connected code is the joy of the developer. And it’s easy to test. At the same time, testing poorly organized code can turn into horror and will be something between difficult and impossible. Therefore, writing tests, although a bit slow, will allow you to systematize your own approach to work and the code itself. So – to improve its quality.
  7. Quality and pure code: Communication skills are also important. Front-end developers act as a link between the customer’s wishes, the work of the server side and users. Therefore, it is very important to be able to competently and reasonably convey your thoughts to both the customer and the rest of the team. It is important not to be afraid to be proactive and proactive in solving complex problems and constantly improve your knowledge.

It was the article ‘Skill that You Need to Check While Hiring an Angular Developer’ in which I described the main skills of Angular developers. By hiring the right Angular developer (or Angular team) for development, we have a guarantee that our application will be developed in the right way. Angular tools work very well in conjunction and are ideal for achieving a goal. Thanks for reading! Hope it was interesting for you!

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