Does running on a treadmill cause weight loss and belly fat loss?

How to lose weight effectively with a treadmill? And can jogging lose weight? These are probably the questions that many people are interested in, especially those who are overweight and want to return to their original shape. So how effective is it? Hope the following shares will be useful to your weight loss. Do not forget to visit the website for more information.


Answers running on a treadmill to lose weight?

Currently, there are many types of treadmills that help to lose weight extremely effectively, so the question “whether running with a treadmill will lose weight”, Elipsport would like to confirm that it is possible. On the running table, your arms beat to the running rhythm, and your whole body will be flexibly moved to help your body tighten and lose weight effectively.

Treadmill can help you adjust the slope and speed at will to achieve a better weight loss effect. With many speed adjustment functions will help maximize calorie consumption. From there you will be closer to your weight loss goal. In addition, the treadmill has pre-set exercises and your task is just practicing.

So does running on a treadmill reduce belly fat?

Belly fat causes loss of aesthetics and makes us more self-confident, especially women who have just undergone childbirth. Therefore almost everyone who loses weight wants to get rid of this belly fat. Usually, people will turn to the treadmill to lose weight faster.

Jogging and walking are two fairly similar methods of exercise. However, in order to lose belly fat quickly, running has faster results. On average, one minute of jogging burns calories equal to two minutes of walking. It can be said that running on the treadmill is a method to shorten the process and lose weight faster because it has many features and exercises available.

Experience weight loss jogging with treadmill

So the question of whether running on a machine can lose weight has not been answered. But to achieve the highest efficiency, you can refer to the following experiences:

1. Start up before running

Before starting a training session you need to take at least 5 minutes to warm up to warm up the body and avoid injuries such as cramps, muscle contractions. When warm up, take a deep breath, doing some gentle foot and hand movement. During this time, you can also get acquainted with the treadmill, its functions for a smoother workout.

2. Change running speed

To burn fat, you need to reach your maximum heart rate goal. During the exercise, increase the speed gradually, changing the tilt of the machine. Look at the treadmill screen to see your heart rate, calories burned or distance run.

3. Change the tilt

Walking and jogging up the slope, although much more effort than usual, but offers the best fat burning efficiency. Especially for those who want to work out the thighs, hips, and butt muscles, this is a great method. You can see that foreigners choose mountain climbing as a daily exercise because the effect is so good.

Therefore, when using the tilt shift feature, the running table will flexibly raise and lower. This will make you feel like you’re climbing outdoors, while also keeping your heart rate in the fat burning zone. Buy a treadmill at: May tap chay bo.

4. Slow down when preparing to stop running

When you are about to stop training, take the last 5 – 10 minutes to gradually reduce the speed of the machine and bring the tilt back to flat mode. The warm-up to warm the muscles, before we finish we also need to cool down. This allows your muscles to be restored and relaxed. At the same time, you can now observe the treadmill to see the training results.

Notes to help use the treadmill most effectively

For the most effective weight loss process, you should note the following issues:

– You should maintain using the treadmill regularly throughout the week, 30 minutes / day and at least 3-4 days / week for the best results.

When using the treadmill, you should set the starter to 0% after warming up the body to 2% or 3% and continue to improve. Note: don’t  set the inclination too steep (more than 7%).

– Choose for yourself a pair of sneakers with soft, breathable soles for a more comfortable running.

Always combine with a balanced, reasonable diet. You should reduce the amount of carbs and eat more vegetables, nuts, and lean meats for adequate nutrition.

Above is all information shared by Elipsport Sports Group, and also answered the question of whether running on a treadmill to lose weight and belly fat.

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