ELIP Treadmill of Elipsport Sports Group – May chay bo cua Tap doan the thao Elipsport

Elipsport Sports Group, a leading supplier of electric machines in Vietnam, not only guarantees quality and service but also commits to the best selling price. All running machines are manufactured at ELIP factories located in many countries around the world that are researched and created with high technology. Products are assembled at a Vietnamese factory and distributed directly to 121 stores nationwide. As a result, the selling price is always the best guarantee on the market. Not stopping there, Elipsport Sports Group constantly upgrades and improves products to the maximum as required for the family and GYM room to improve health and quality of life. So, it’s not surprising that without up to 7 millions VND, you can own a durable, high-quality, good ELIP treadmill. Visit the website https://elipsport.vn/ for more information.

Choose the most suitable treadmill

The most suitable treadmill is the best treadmill. Therefore, finding a suitable treadmill is very important. Some of the most important criteria for you to find a treadmill you can include.

Choose the machine according to the user’s weight

When choosing a treadmill, a customer should choose a type with a

proportion greater than that of the user with the highest weight. Besides, the machines which have larger wattage and proportion will have a better force-resistance. At the same time, the machine also works persistently and has a longer lifespan. Therefore, to use the machine for a long time, it is very important to consider the machine’s proportion.

For example: If a family member weighs less than 70kg, you can choose the iLike E04, ELIP 1800 single-function treadmill. ELIP Armstrong, Mercury … with a 150kg proportion. See the treadmill products at: May chay bo.

Number of people using the machine
  • For families with 2 – 4 user members: You should choose the 2.5 – 3.0 HP treadmill as the ELIP iE02, iE04, 1552 Pro, 1800 treadmill. If more than 4 people use it, it is recommended to Opt for engines with motors above 3.0 such as ELIP Armstrong treadmill. This super product has a capacity of up to 4.0 HP.
  • For the elderly: Practice walking, jogging slowly to improve resistance to health. If the product is the most suitable, there is no need to choose too high a speed, the more versatile line possible to support the massage. Products suitable for this group of customers are ELIP Race treadmills, ELIP Samurai, ELIP Sport Pro…
  • For people with a need to lose weight: Walking at a speed of 5.6 km/h burns 314 calories. Running at 8km/h burns 606 calories. When you uphill runs, it will burn calories 3 times when on a flat surface. So, to lose weight, you should choose the ability to lift steeply and the maximum speed is large. Meeting all customers’ fastest weight loss requirements are the ELIP Primus treadmill, this is Athena with a top speed of 22km / h and automatic ramp-up capacity up to 22%.
  • Also, if family members have different exercise purposes, consider versatile treadmills such as ELIP Tabata treadmill, ELIP Transformer, ELIP Armstrong so that more members can practice walking. jogging, jogging, massage or crunching, waist rotation, weight training,…
  • To buy a treadmill for the gym, only a single-function treadmill should be selected. The versatile type is wasteful because gym guests have a wide selection of other specialized machines available in the gym to use for waist, abdomen, and arm workouts. The most popular line of machines that are most easily seen in gyms today is the ELIP Primus treadmill, ELIP Ronaldo.
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