7 Best Practices When Writing for Millennials

Millennials are one of the largest audiences to attract business as their potential customers. The majority of the Asia Pacific population consists of millennials. Thus, it becomes really important for a business to connect with them in their preferred language.

Millennials get irritated when you try to sell them directly. They don’t like the traditional way of marketing. They want something called “Out of the box!” Hence, out of a plethora of products available, they will connect with you for being unique and interesting.

Call them mad or whatever, but they don’t like to consume unrelatable content. They want you to consume content related to them only!

Follow these 7 best practices when writing for Millennials:

Mentioned below are seven best practices to keep in mind when writing for millennials. Study them thoroughly and boom the internet with great quality content!

#1 Make Brief Content

With every Social Media platform going with short content, it’s time to switch! The leading social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube are focusing on 15 seconds of video content. It is because millennials want to know everything briefly and interestingly.

Therefore, you should keep your content brief while writing. Stuffing unnecessary paragraphs and sentences will make them go away. There’s no magic number for how many sentences to use in a paragraph. Just follow the rule of “Less is More!”

The millennials these days have a hobby of reading and researching more than one topic. They like to engage with the content of technology, politics, economics, art, global issues, food, travel, and what not.

Thus, you need to get to the point, as quickly as you can!

#2 Get Personal

Getting personal doesn’t mean asking personal or private questions. It means getting personalized with your content! Around 78% of Internet users love to engage with content that has been specifically made for them.

For instance, you want to sell a T-shirt. What’s the best you can do?

Use a trending punch line like ‘There’s a finish line’ or ‘Good enough is never good enough.’

These punch lines were popular amongst millennials because of their trending on the internet. They will love to purchase something relatable and made specifically for them.

Not just that, you can personalize your Blog Titles & Headings, YouTube Title & Description, etc. Writing by addressing your topic and relating it to the trending topics will give your content a quirky touch. They even make use of grammar checker tools like Grammarly to write grammatically correct and interesting lines.

In this way, you can connect with them at ease!

#3 Tell a Story

Storytelling is an art! Anyone can get the facts straight and provide you. But is that a unique point to follow your brand in 2020?

Start with the beginning. Why did you start?

Tell your customers about how an idea struck in your mind and led to the company. It would help if you got connected on a personal level with your story.

If you’re good at telling your own story, people will love to engage!

#4 Target Emotions

If you can get connected to your customers on an emotional level, half the work is already done. People buy Apple’s products because of their ‘Think Different!‘ campaign started back in 1998.

That’s where they started the journey of becoming a two trillion-dollar company today.

A lot of studies have shown that people but emotions over logic. With all due respect, I love what Apple manufacturers. However, some of their products are overpriced.

Still, people buy them! They buy the emotions conveyed in the “Think Different” campaign that had Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr. and John Lennon.

It gave rise to emotion, and people are connected with Apple even after 22 years of the campaign!

#5 Why should they care?

Why should the millennials care about your brand? – Ask this question to yourself!

Your content should leave an impact on one’s life. Nobody should guess what your content is all about. There should be a reason that they get to relate to it immediately.

Focus on the points like:

  • How is your content making an impact on an individual?
  • Why is your content relatable and shareable?
  • How can you make a difference in your customer’s life?

If you can win the above mentioned, trust me, you can do wonders with your content writing.

People will love to make the first move to communicate. They will love your emotional and humourous side before your product.

And that will make an impact!

#6 Make Shareable Content!

Why are you even writing if your content is not getting shared? With all due respect, the content should be made shareable. Whatever you write should amaze the reader. This will give them a reason to share your content.

For instance, you need to sell a product on an e-commerce website. What’s the first thing to do? Get people to try out your product and write reviews and share them on their social media handles.

Similarly, write your blog article in a way that people share it on their social media. You can use click-bait techniques to get traffic like punchy titles or headings.

If they relate to your content, they will read it and move on to the next one. But if they relate to your content and smile at the time, they’ll share it with friends.

#7 Don’t use the word ‘Millennial’.

Try not to use the word ‘Millennial’ in your content. They hate it! This is just like calling a bad person bad. People hate getting addressed in this way. :p

The term carries a negative emotion in itself. No person of the millennial group wants to be called that. They think being placed under a single category whereas they don’t fit under one.

The versatile nature of living is what makes the millennials unique. That’s what you need to take care of.

Instead, write by addressing them directly in the second person. Use the words like ‘you’ and ‘your’ while addressing them in your content – just like I used here!

Final Verdict

Millennials are a group of people who are picky about the content they consume. Thus, you need to be very careful while addressing them.

Imagine yourself in their situations and then think of ideas to write. It will help you to frame the content with a millennial’s perspective.

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