How expensive can be carbon fiber product? 10 examples of ultra-expensive carbon fiber product

Carbon fiber is another example of extremely strong material that is also very light in weight. It has revolutionized the manufacturing world. It is 5 times strong as steel and 2 times as stiff. Carbon fiber comes in varieties of carbon fiber fabric, which are in turn used to make carbon fiber composites. Manufacturing carbon fibers is one thing, but machining carbon fibers is altogether a very sophisticated task.

Machining in simpler terms means controlled managed breaking. Carbon fiber composites react very differently to machining, there is an ever-pressing risk that it would result in delamination. Carbon fiber composites are multiple materials with different physical and chemical properties that work.

There are different types of carbon fiber composites being used in the industry. There is little room for mistakes when manufacturing carbon fiber composites. We know about the strength of carbon fiber; however, it is not known to be very cheap. Here are 10 examples of ultra-expensive carbon fiber product,

Koenigsegg One: 1 ($2.8 million)

The one: 1 as it is called was unveiled in 2014. This was probably a unique example of a car ever produced in the car industry. It is made from carbon fiber parts; it has a body that is made from carbon fiber and Kevlar. It is a state-of-the-art racing vehicle, with a top speed of around 273 mph. This is the definition of luxury. The name “one” comes from its power-to-weight ratio – 1 hp to 1 kg. The car is track-focused as opposed to the previous cars made by the company, they had to sacrifice a few things to achieve their goal with the car. The car is filled with the essence of luxury, it is not only fast, but it also provides a comfortable ride. Imagine being in a car that is made from the exact material modern aircraft are being made of.

2020 Ford Mustang GT500CR ($1.45 million)

Never the world of the automobile industry has seen a Shelby mustang made from carbon fiber parts. you can even make your own hood with carbon fiber fabrication. You can also make a carbon fiber veneer for this car. Although you would need professional help with this one if you are not a DIY artist. “We’re excited that the world’s first carbon-fiber-bodied heritage Shelby GT500CR has moved from dream to reality; a true inspiration for future models,” says the founder and co-owner, Jason Engel. Not many products that are presented as an idea are made out to be cars. The addition of carbon fiber parts to this vehicle meant that it was 600 pounds lighter from the stock weight, increasing its performance.

Corcel N°1 Carbon Fiber Luxury Bathtub ($68,000)

Here is your new luxury bathtub, your rubber duck will not know what hit it. This was handmade in Austria; it weighs 80 pounds and can hold 87 gallons of water. This product is designed annually and only 51 pieces are produced worldwide. It takes at least 42 days to make this product due to processes involving carbon fiber molding and shaping the material into a fine piece of luxury. It not only looks luxurious but is supposed to be a relaxing experience for the owner. Not many carbon fiber parts are used in building this “essential”. This piece of luxury provides the owner with an experience they won’t forget. The black color of the fiber gives it an exquisite look and a bright shine that both good to look at and feel it against your sore body after a tiring day.

John and Table carbon fiber work desk ($52,000)

Carbon fiber parts are not only used for racing cars or aircraft, this item of sheer luxury is not any ordinary desk, it is made from carbon fiber parts, trimmed in leather, and Alcantara. Each table is custom built to individual specifications. The table is further glamorized by carbon fiber veneer sheets, finished by a high gloss and high-end carnauba wax. It features special details too like hand-sewn accessories, premium drawer inlays, and personally engraved plate. The company allows its users to completely customize the table too from stitching, embroidery and embossing to materials and special parts. This table is a magnificent addition to any workspace.

2-belt with 100% carbon fiber buckle ($49,000)

When it comes to elegance there are numerous examples, this belt buckle is one of them. Cutting carbon fiber material for this buckle might be an easy task, but it is no game for everyone. This belt buckle is light, good to the touch, and just looks so good. Carbon fiber manufacturing has advanced over the years. Starting for only high-end products the tide has shifted towards DIY artists who can make almost anything from machining carbon fiber sheets.

Luis and Clark Instruments ($19,000)

This handmade carbon-fiber instrument has impeccable design and innovative design. Manufacturing this instrument takes time and it is shipped right from Luis and Clark in the USA. Its sleek design and lightweight make it an ideal candidate for musicians, it is easier to hold this to your body due to its weight. Cutting carbon fiber for these kinds of instruments uses high-end machinery. The harmony the instrument produces will resonate with the material it made of producing an experience that is not only pleasing to one’s ears but feels comfortable to look at the shiny, light weighed instrument. The Music and industrial carbon fiber seem like a match made in heaven.

AUDEMARS PIGUET Royal Oak wristwatch ($27,000)

Time is in your hands now, designed with the active man in mind, this watch is made to stand up against any task. Sleek and lightweight due to carbon fiber manufacturing this watch keeps its wearer’s wrist cool and comfortable. The carbon fiber watch is strength and appeal in one modern accessory. This watch can make a difference in terms of look, it is a change to your lifestyle. You can even customize your own watch by carbon fiber molding and built your own needles or spindles for the watch. In the age of smartphones, this watch makes a comeback for wristwatches. This watch gives you the time of your life!

Ferrari 488 Spyder MSY Style Carbon fiber full body kit ($35,000)

The luxury does not end with this kit, the supercar has customizing options for everyone. Carbon fiber composites can be used to mold out the full body kit including a hood, fender, spoiler, and whatnot. A carbon fiber veneer can also be used to make some parts of the full body kit. This is the body kit is an example of elegance. Your wishes are not limited anymore to the stock body kit. The kit will reduce the stock weight of the car making it lighter and faster!

2014 Mercedes-Benz E 63 Amg ($95,000)

The aerodynamics of this car aid it to be a speedster. The carbon fiber parts in this car include the front lip splitter, rear spoiler, and rear diffuser. The spoiler compliments its E-class design, it is coated with a UV protection system to provide a smooth and high gloss finish. The front air splitters increase the airflow and provide front end downforce to your vehicle. It also has a tailgate spoiler which is made from cutting carbon fiber into sheets which are then molded into the shape of the spoiler. The car is still modifiable to your taste, but what the company has made as a stock product are a piece of art and a beautiful vehicle.

McLellan Jacobs Kayak 1 ($19,000)

We have seen carbon fiber being used for cars and aircraft; the light of this material has had a kayak made out of it. It features gold plated brass fittings, teak, and ash timber which accents to compliment the glossed carbon fiber pull. It only weighs 36 pounds because of its carbon fiber manufacturing. the tweaks in the kayak make its design a bit unique and aesthetically pleasing. Gone are the times when wood was used for such things, now carbon fiber parts have taken over the modern world and carbon fiber has become synonymous with the word, luxury.

We have seen that manufacturing carbon fiber is no easy task, we have different methods to prepare composites for the manufacturing of different products. It is no doubt that this material is expensive because of its astounding properties. It has been a key development in producing high-speed cars and aircraft. Several racing cars have used carbon fiber parts due to its properties, in fact, formula one’s front chassis is entirely built from carbon fiber composites. The cost of carbon fiber raw material from the moment they are obtained to manufacturing carbon fiber and later on used in making products adds cost to it making it expensive in every step of the way. Change is part of development, carbon fiber is rapidly becoming a material used in most of the aircraft, the hope is that with increased usage the industry finds a way to reduce the price of carbon fiber.

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