Need Money Fast? Side Gigs You Can Try

Side gigs are becoming increasingly common, especially after the coronavirus pandemic left millions unemployed. These are flexible jobs you can work on your own time, making them less time-constraining than a part-time job but just as profitable. Whether you’re relying on this as your primary source of income or need to save money to pay bills, there are potential side gigs you may enjoy.

Keep in mind going this route you aren’t an employee, you don’t get a set salary, and your hours aren’t even mandated in most cases. With so much up in the air, some people worry that a side gig will be more effort than it’s worth. But in reality, most side gigs with major companies provide minimum wage or better, and they can get you out of a financial crisis just by sacrificing a few weekends’ worth of work. In addition to extra income, now is the time to work on reducing monthly expenses. You can consider practical solutions like credit consolidation and refinancing student loans. This can help you lower your interest rates and adjust your payment plan to put your money in your pocket each month.

Dog Walking
Use an app like Rover to become a professional dog walker. You’ll get to spend your free time earning cash just by playing with other people’s pets. It’s really a win-win. Of course, this may not be a viable option if you don’t live in a suburban or metro area, but it can be extremely rewarding. In addition to the money, you also get plenty of exercise and a serious mood boost from all those cute, furry faces.

Meal Delivery Postmates and Uber Eats are two of the most popular food delivery apps in the United States. You pick up customers’ take-out orders from local restaurants and deliver them to their door. Each company has its own requirements, but you will typically need to be over 18, have a valid license and be able to prove at least one year’s worth of driving experience and car registration. The good news about this gig is that it’s available just about everywhere, and you can do it without having to put in a ton of hours or perform any strenuous work.

Freelance Work
Graphic design, web development and content writing are just a few of the most popular freelance gigs in the United States. Sites like UpWork and Fiverr can put you directly in touch with clients while also providing you with a profile to customize and promote yourself. Freelancing is hard work, especially when you’re a newcomer. But it can be a good way to refine your existing talents and even gain valuable work opportunities in the future.

Online Tutoring
If you hold a college degree, you might be able to work as a K-12 tutor online. Sites like and TutorMe put you in touch with students that need help in subjects you’re fluent in. You could tutor students in basic subjects like reading and writing, or you could offer tutoring to high school and college students in more advanced areas such as psychology, biology and English literature.

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