The Importance of Online Security: How to Strengthen Yours

Since its emergence nearly thirty years ago, the internet has slowly become one of the essential things in our daily lives. It has become a need for modern society and used for different purposes, such as communication, commerce, education, and entertainment.

With the various means of accessing the internet, different dangers come with it. There are various ways that we are put at risk by simply using questionable sites and clicking on unknown links. This risk multiplies when we expose our private information and security details to unauthorized persons.

This is where the term online security enters. Here is why it matters and how you could utilize it for a safer browsing experience.

What is Online Security?
Online security, sometimes referred to as internet security, protects stored private data in programs and websites from unauthorized access. The technology used usually comes in the form of software or websites.

Different applications specialize in different things, such as malware removal and keeping personal data secure. There are various sites and programs offering internet security that you can access for a reasonable price- some even free of charge.

Statistics on Online Breaching
You might be wondering: is the internet dangerous for users to provide personal details? According to RiskBased, data breaches have exposed over 4 billion data in the first half of 2019. On the other hand, Verizon records that 71% of data breaches were financially motivated, while 25% were for espionage purposes.

Additionally, the University of Maryland revealed that for every 39 seconds, hackers are in action, attacking corporations and individuals an average of 2,244 times a day. These, and many more findings, can summarize that anyone who has access to the internet is susceptible to hacking and having their data leaked to individuals with malicious intent.

Is Online Security Important?

With online transactions, inputting personal information is necessary, something that will likely be targeted by hackers. Installing programs or opening sketchy emails could damage the data in your device.

The information you provide to a suspicious website could be used to perform transactions without your consent- sometimes at the expense of your money. These problems are what online security is made for. It makes sure that you can browse the internet and make monetary transactions online without a threat to your online security.

How Do You Strengthen Your Online Security?

But where do you begin? You can look on the internet for the best online security software, site, or browser for you to use, as well as study a bit more on various ways our personal information can be at risk.

A site that can help you with that is Privecstasy, which provides guides on how to keep your internet browsing and transactions safe. It also has reviews of different programs you can use for online security.

Here are three ways to strengthen your online security.

Create a Strong Password
Passwords serve as access to one’s account and keep important data on a specific website or software safe. When creating a strong password, it should not be easy to guess, but also not too complicated to be easily forgotten.

Consider mixing letters and numbers in it, even adding space or another symbol if you wish. You should at least exceed the minimum characters allowed. However, be aware of using other keys, such as caps lock and shift.

Most importantly, you must not tell anyone about your password. But if you need to give it to someone, make sure that you can trust them completely. Be wary of sites asking for your password. Do not give it if not necessary.

Install Antivirus Software
Antivirus software refers to programs that can detect and eliminate viruses that could harm your computer or mobile device. They can be bought online with a monthly or annual subscription or can be installed for free.

Antivirus software will always run as long as your device is turned on, notifying you of a potential threat that could be quickly eliminated. It can also help with detecting viruses in external disk drives plugged in the device. It is an excellent way to keep your device virus-free.

Use a VPN When Online
A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a good option for internet users who want to secure their privacy. It is an online service that keeps your browsing private, with no one able to monitor your browsing activity and history. This is suitable for people who connect their devices to public WiFi, where online traffic is prone to be observed, putting their data at risk.

Another benefit of the VPN is the access you’ll have to content from different places worldwide. There are cases where content can only be viewed exclusively in one area. With VPN, you can connect to that area’s server and access the desired content, with the guarantee that you are browsing the internet safely.

In this time and age, online security is a must for internet users to secure their privacy and data. It is essential to be aware of what sort of information we give away to sites and be aware of the risks in internet transactions. Using the internet doesn’t have to be risky. All you have to do is be observant and utilize it responsibly.

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