Niko Duke Nasar, New York Based Actor-Director, and His Upcoming Film Man on the Egg Island

NEW YORK - July 23, 2020 - (

​​​​​​In 2021, Niko's directorial debut feature film will be released. The film will be presented at film festivals around the globe. With this film, Niko will join a very small list of late Millennial/Gen Z directors. This only indicates one thing - Niko Duke Nasar will have a strong future in the film & entertainment business. Niko needs little introduction but today we will try to learn more about him and his upcoming film.

Niko was born in Georgia, Tbilisi, and was raised all around Europe before moving to New York as a young teenager. This is why he can read, write and speak in three different languages. He is half Georgian from his mother's side and half German from his father's side.

But people might have the question, why "Duke"? Is it a middle name or nickname? Well, Duke is an indicator of the Niko's family title. Niko's family was very influential in the country of Georgia, and they held the title of Duke of Racha for 11 centuries, but during the Soviet revolution in 1917, whole families with titles were executed. Part of Niko's family ran away in Europe and part stayed in the country, left with nothing, starting a new life under Soviet rule. In short, Duke symbolizes the history and ancestry of Niko Duke Nasar's family. Historical motives were always very close to Niko and history served as the main inspiration for his film, ‘Man on The Egg Island’. 

“History is very important; you cannot create a meaningful history of your own if you don’t know who you are and where you stand. History helps us shape our present and future this is why I love history.” - Niko

Growing up in multiple cities of the EU, meeting new people, and learning about new cultures served well for Niko's character and his film inspiration. It took Niko three years to finish the script. Detailed information about the film will be released later this year.

"I always wanted to make a historical film, Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven are in my all-time favorite films list, and I have to say I love Ridley Scott. I hope I can work with him someday." - Niko

Besides filmmaking, while living in Georgia for a few years, Niko was actively participating in environmental protection and renewable energy. He started working in a nonprofit organization creating revolutionary green electricity and agricultural projects for small and medium-size mountain villages that had problems in the wintertime.

In the latest years, Niko’s hobby of collecting fragrances took him on an interesting path, soon becoming a well-known figure in the fragrance industry.

"Perfume is very interesting and powerful. Our eyes and ears have a major place when it comes to interaction with life. But the smell is equally powerful, the problem is that not a lot of people think that way." - Niko​​​

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