Author Teaches Parents How To Help Their Children Break The Cycle of Perfection in New Book

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As founder of The Ladder Method, a Los Angeles-based meta-learning and academic coaching company, Candice Lapin sees today’s generation living in what she coins the “Perfection Age.”

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) January 28, 2020

As founder of The Ladder Method, a Los Angeles-based meta-learning and academic coaching company, Candice Lapin sees today’s generation living in what she coins the “Perfection Age.”

This phenomenon encourages young people to show their Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat followers “the good side” through their perfect poses and posts about their experiences. No imperfections are allowed. Lapin, author of the new book "Parenting In The Age of Perfection: A Modern Guide To Nurturing a Success Mindset," believes that keeping up such flawless appearances pressures this generation to conceal their authentic selves which creates unnecessary pressure, increased anxiety and excessive competition.

“There’s far more pressure to have everything figured out,” Lapin said. “We feel what
we need to put forward in social media must be professional, even though we may just be living differently in our own homes. When we interface with others on Instagram and Facebook, it’s no longer, as I say in the book, about pictures and memories that we’re sharing. Everything is stylized like a fashion shoot. Kids have to have perfect answers, to get into the perfect schools and dress as if they have professional stylists. The truth is that we’re not perfect.”

This obsession with an “immaculate” life seeps through in other areas such as education and the quest to obtain a better life than other generations.

“At least in my office, I see parents coming to us with far more anxiety than we saw four or five years ago,” she said. “It’s not that everybody wants their children to be A students but they want them to learn everything right away. I think that we forget sometimes that children have their own natural development when it comes to learning certain subjects. I think there’s an intense pressure on parents to make sure their children are keeping up with the Joneses and for parents to jump on every educational opportunity because they don’t want to be ‘bad’ parents.”

Throughout her book, Lapin introduces case studies, scientific research, her own personal experiences, tools and skills to help parents understand how creating structured environments, good homework habits and sleep routines can help their children learn positive and realistic common sense approaches to life situations. These tools can help young people become confident and resilient and avoid the constant façade of perfection.

Lapin’s goal is to give parents ammunition as they make decisions that align with the best interests for their children.

“They’re the parents and they get to make these really informed decisions. They have the benefit of their life experiences,” she said. “I hope this book gives them the peace and support that they need. When parents place restrictions on social media or technology, they aren’t being unfair to their children. They aren’t being ‘mean’ parents. I want parents to feel empowered to parent with intention, to determine their values as parents and feel empowered to parent in alignment with those values.”

The book is available in Kindle and paperback on Amazon. To learn more about Candice Lapin, visit:

Candice Lapin, author of "Parenting In The Age of Perfection: A Modern Guide To Nurturing a Success Mindset," is the founder of The Ladder Method, a meta-learning and academic coaching company based in Los Angeles. She holds a BA from Cornell University as well as a JD from Loyola Law School. Before founding The Ladder Method, she began her career as a Managing Attorney at While she was an attorney, her fashion brand Lapin Vilardi graced the pages of Harpers Bazaar and German Vogue. In 2010, she was the first women invited to join the incubator Launchpad in their second class when she launched the Hispanic based internet website Paratinovia. com. She resides in the Los Angeles area with her dog Ollie. To learn about The Ladder Method, visit: To learn more about Candice Lapin, visit:

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