Tracking Blood Glucose…Without Spilling a Drop of Blood

By: DGI Wire

Flesh blood wound from diabetes patient finger

NEW YORK – (DGIwire) — Smartphones have become more than glorified cell phones with picture-taking abilities. With the development of new lifestyle apps, smartphones have become like another limb, one many of us feel we can’t live without, and not because of the addicting games. There are actually several apps to help us manage our health and fitness that are linked to separate gadgets. For example, there’s a sock gadget that fits on a foot. It includes a sensor that sends information to a smartphone, including recording the wearer’s walking or running speed and their body temperature. Another sensor-type gadget is specially designed for extreme sports athletes. It can clip on to anything from a skateboard or surfboard to a motorcycle, and sends the user’s stats back to their smartphone.

Think that’s incredible? Picture an easy-to-use device the size of a smartphone that can keep tabs on blood glucose levels. It’s already cleared in Europe—the GlucoTrack® model DF-F non-invasive blood glucose measurement device, developed by Integrity Applications, is specially designed for people with diabetes. The device received a CE mark for sale in Europe (June 2013), and Integrity intends to seek to perform clinical trials to support an application for clearance by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in the United States.

Typically people with diabetes, even children, have to monitor their blood glucose levels several times a day. The common method for doing so is through a painful finger prick. This can be a challenge for a person of any age. Whoever said “no pain, no gain” definitely does not have diabetes.

This is where GlucoTrack comes in, and is far more than just handy. Using a combination of ultrasonic, electromagnetic and thermal technologies, it can take a reading without spilling even a drop of blood. All one does is clip a small device onto one’s ear lobe and the blood glucose level is calculated, displayed and recorded on the small portable unit. It’s that simple.

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